Renovating, Remolding and rehabilitating your home

By: Mushtaq Khan

Renovating, Remolding and rehabilitating your home

Tags: Expected rate of return on renovation

 Some older homes in many neighbourhoods in GTA areas where older homes are being remodeled and renovated. There are indications of expected rate of return or market value impact as a percentage of    cost are:

Basement Ren ovation        50-75%
Batheroom Renovation       75-100%
Central Air Conditioning      25-75%
Install Fireplace                    50-75%
Kitchen Renovation             75-100%
Swimming  Pool                  0-25%
Build a Fence                       25-50%

It is important to remember that these principles do not necessarily hold true forever, since their impact can change over time. It also depends on location of your property as well as quality of home imrovements.


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